Statement from Tim Emrich CEO and Founder of UK Power Reserve

Solihull / London (20.06.17) – UKPR is confident that its innovative use of new, smaller scale and flexible power generation technologies will deliver an increasing and essential share of a resilient, low cost and low carbon future energy system.

We are confident about our prospects for success and growth in the UK but also in international markets. This is despite Ofgem’s decision on embedded benefits today.

We are disappointed that the regulator has chosen to follow its ‘minded-to’ position regardless of extensive analysis indicating that this will not deliver the best value for consumers.

UK Power Reserve is determined to continue to lead the way by challenging the status quo and taking market share from the Big 6 here in the UK in order to drive competition and deliver value for consumers. We have a compelling and highly exportable business model and we look forward to building our portfolio beyond a gigawatt in the coming year.

About UKPR

UK Power Reserve is a leading provider of secure, flexible, low carbon electricity and services to the UK power market. With an 823MW portfolio of decentralised thermal power generation and battery storage assets, we help keep the country’s electricity system balanced and resilient. Our fast-ramping, low-cost assets are located across England and Wales, improving competition and delivering better value to consumers.

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