Adam joined UK Power Reserve in March 2016 as our Environmental Compliance Officer. He works within the Safety, Health, Environment & Quality (SHEQ) and Commercial teams, reporting to Sam Wither. His responsibilities are varied, from managing Environmental Permitting for new and existing sites and ensuring that UKPR remains compliant with all environmental legislation, such as the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

Following the completion of his Geography degree, Adam gained his masters in Environmental Sustainability. This has led him to a career where he ensures that UKPR can build and operate its power generation facilities safely and responsibly with minimum impact on the environment.

Previously, Adam worked for an environmental consultancy, where he managed compliance for a number of companies including blue chip clients. His areas of expertise include energy management through the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) and Energy Saving Opportunity (ESOS) schemes, and emissions and air quality controls through Environmental Permitting and the Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD).

The EU ETS is an area that Adam continues to monitor closely. Launched in 2005, it is the world’s largest greenhouse gas emissions trading system and is a cornerstone of the EU’s climate policy. The ‘cap and trade’ scheme limits the carbon dioxide emitted by businesses, requiring them to reduce emissions or buy permits to cover those emissions that breach their limits. However, the uncertainty from Brexit and a changing regulatory landscape create significant challenges, particularly in planning for the future. Nevertheless, Adam continues to work towards improving the UK’s environment as well as his working environment. The SHEQ team in conjunction with the efforts of the entire company have recently achieved certification to the ISO14001 standard which recognises a higher level of environmental management. Rather than complying with the legal minimum, Adam is committed to driving UKPR to do better.

Adam’s work also sees him engaging with a broad range of stakeholders, including Defra on the Medium Combustion Plant and Generator Emissions Controls legislation, which is designed to improve air quality in the UK.

Thanks to the work of Adam and the SHEQ team, UKPR continues to deliver the highest possible standards across its operations.