Dean’s brought hands-on electrical experience to his roles at UKPR. Dean joined us in January to work on our battery portfolio, but by the end of June, he was Head of Connections – making him responsible for all connections at our gas and battery sites.

Our sites need four connections: gas, water, high voltage with the Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and telecoms. Dean is proactive in this role, gaining full oversight of project delivery milestones and marrying them up with the external constraints.

The connection to the grid requires the most preparation and coordination. We have to fit into the DNO’s planned outage windows, to minimise the disruption to the grid and reduce the chance for customers to have their supply cut off.

A trained electrician, Dean previously ran his own business. This expertise has set Dean up well to take on greater responsibility during his time with UKPR. Immediately before joining us, Dean worked at ECO to Solar – this role was focused on solar installations. Dean joined us to work on another new, clean technology – battery storage. Dean worked on UKPR’s battery portfolio – one of the largest in Europe at 120MW. As an innovative technology, there are few experts to learn from in the industry, and few installations to visit to understand more. Dean upskilled himself to become an expert in battery installations. Impressing in this role, a couple of months later Dean was promoted to Head of Connections.

In his role as Head of Connections, Dean is working on connecting our current build-out projects – 160MW of gas and 120MW of battery sites. These small-scale rapid response engines will balance the grid at times of need and support the growth of renewables on the system. When not calling the relevant individuals on these many simultaneously built sites, Dean is calling the bluff of his poker friends. A keen poker player Dean has taken a trip to Las Vegas to enjoy the full poker experience.

Like many at UKPR, Dean has shown hard work can be recognised and rewarded in this fast-paced environment.