As well as building and operating our assets, our high-skilled staff of over 100 offers a wide range of specialist services to market participants. These include advice and implementation relating to demand side response (DSR) and aggregation, reserve and balancing, and a proprietary app called igridUK which is designed to help energy managers get best value from their assets.

The company is positioned for growth as the go-to provider of integrated flexibility energy services to National Grid, big industrials and corporates both inside and outside the UK.

UK Power Reserve’s assets service the Wholesale & Trade, Ancillary Services and Capacity markets, enabling efficient and cost effective management of the UK’s electricity supply and demand. It also continues to expand its internal capabilities with a best in class operations and maintenance team, proprietary virtual power station software, a trading and supplier arm, and an expert regulatory team.

“UK Power Reserve has a partnership with Total Gas & Power to provide DSR and aggregation services to customers. The partnership allows us to broaden our customer base and work alongside one of the most visionary energy companies in the sector.”

Sam Wither
Head of UKPR