Solihull/London (31/07/17) – UK Power Reserve is on track to deliver its 2014 capacity market commitments, with nine power stations built so far in 2017 and another nine set for completion by the end of the year. When all 18 are complete, the company – which is also one of the biggest battery storage developers in the UK – will contribute 364MW of fast-ramping, flexible gas-fired generation to the UK energy system.

The UK’s leading energy challenger has already brought 182MW online this year, enabling the growth of renewables by strengthening the system’s resilience in times of peak demand. Three are located in the South West, two in the Midlands and four in the North. In addition, UK Power Reserve now owns and operates a power station in London: the first to be built in the capital for several years.

This newly built generation, which uses best available technologies, is a critical part of a flexible energy system that requires nimble, small-scale back up power to respond to rapid changes in demand. UK Power Reserve will build an additional 160MW of gas-fired capacity from the 2015 capacity market auction and is in talks with major suppliers to build the 120MW of battery storage capacity won in 2016. The company’s total portfolio of 823MW is on the distributed power network.

UK Power Reserve supports a flexible, low carbon UK power market and is challenging the status quo, providing strong competition to incumbent power producers like the Big Six to deliver real value for consumers.

Tim Emrich, CEO and founder of UK Power Reserve, said: “We’ve reached a really important milestone in successfully delivering half our 2014 Capacity Market obligations. We’re well on track to complete the rest of our commitment by the end of the year. My company is one of the few building distributed gas power stations which are driving competition and helping to bring consumer prices down. Combined with our ambitions for battery storage and our plans for the next UK capacity market auction, a gigawatt portfolio is well within sight. UKPR is an essential part of making the UK energy markets cleaner, more resilient and more affordable.”


About UKPR

UK Power Reserve is a leading provider of secure, flexible, low carbon electricity and services to the UK power market. With an 823MW portfolio of decentralised thermal power generation and battery storage assets, we help keep the country’s electricity system balanced and resilient. Our fast-ramping, low-cost assets are located across England and Wales, improving competition and delivering better value to consumers.

For more information, please contact Hyun Young Lee at or +44 (0)7769 647051 | @UKPowerReserve