Solihull/London (04/12/17) – UK Power Reserve has registered more than one gigawatt of new battery storage and flexible gas fired generation projects ahead of next year’s Capacity Market auction – more than any other single company on the distribution networks.


The UK’s leading flexibility provider has consistently prequalified the largest capacity for new projects in every Capacity Market to date, and this year’s results represent a tenth of all new build distributed generation projects.


UK Power Reserve successfully prequalified 100% of its existing and prospective portfolio – a huge achievement reflecting the company’s in-house expertise and experience – and includes some 400MW of new battery storage developments.


It already has one of the biggest battery storage portfolios in Europe at 120MW, which will start construction next year, and is determined to triple this portfolio by the end of the decade. The company currently has 813MW in total of rapid response, flexible assets in operation or under/nearing construction.


UK Power Reserve has a strong track record in translating prequalification results into concrete wins at the Capacity Market auctions. It is the single largest developer of new build distributed generation projects secured in all auctions held to date, comprising a tenth of all new capacity due to come online.


Tim Emrich, CEO and founder of UK Power Reserve, said: “We are proud to be building on the success from previous years as we continue to make a material contribution to the security of the UK’s energy supply. Our prequalification results are a testament to the enormous skill and dedication of our fantastic team, and is a real statement of intent for our continued growth in the UK market. They prove that our ambitions are matched by our ability to achieve them and we look forward to our portfolio surpassing one gigawatt next year, as we continue to lead the country’s transformation to a smart, flexible energy system.



About UK Power Reserve

UK Power Reserve is the leading provider of flexibility to the UK energy system. Our 813MW portfolio of low carbon, decentralised assets include 120MW of battery storage, one of the biggest in Europe. With rapid response, low cost assets located close to centres of demand, we are improving competition and delivering value to consumers. An innovative, disruptive voice in energy, UK Power Reserve is advancing its ambitious growth plans in the UK and beyond.

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