Solihull/London (25/01/17) – UK Power Reserve has launched a new and improved Android version of its iGridUK app. The app provides near real-time information about the energy market, such as generation by fuel type and peak demand, and complements the popular iGridUK app for Apple, which is already much valued by industrial users.


The new Android app has an improved user experience and boasts features including current generation mix and demand and detailing trends over time. The app provides specific updates for wind and solar, tracking generation and predicting wind output based on weather forecasts. The app will be developed further in coming months to provide more market insight.


The release of the app comes during Triad season, the winter months with the highest demand of the year, and access to this data will be valuable for users looking to avoid costly Triad charges.


The revamped Android app will be followed by updates to the Apple version to provide a more consistent user experience between the two platforms, which is expected by April 2018. UK Power Reserve offers both apps for free and will continue to update them on a regular basis.


Download the Android app here and the Apple version here.




About UK Power Reserve


UK Power Reserve is the leading provider of flexibility to the UK energy system. Our 813MW portfolio of low carbon, decentralised assets include 120MW of battery storage, one of the biggest in Europe. With rapid response, low cost assets located close to centres of demand, we are improving competition and delivering value to consumers. An innovative, disruptive voice in energy, UK Power Reserve is advancing its ambitious growth plans in the UK and beyond.


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