Dan has swapped his army boots for life at UK Power Reserve.

During his time in the army, Dan served in the Forward Repair Team (FRT) as a Royal Signals Electrician. In this role, he was based in Wales, Germany and served two tours of Afghanistan. His role was crucial for getting communications up and running while out in the field. As the military took over new land or a compound, it was his job to get the electricity generator installed and running. Bringing in Rolls Royce engines – like some of those in the UKPR fleet – he ensured power was established. Energy is a vital resource and a key starting point for the army when in a new territory.

Here, Dan is less focused on taking over new territory but ensuring the effective running of our Carrington site. Our small-scale Carrington site is neighbours to Carrington CCGT which can generate 884MW. In contrast to its neighbour, our 20MW site is designed to quickly ramp up and down to support the rising share of intermittent renewables on the grid – balancing the grid in times of need.

Dan recently celebrated, what he calls, his “workiversary” – he’s been with the business for a year. “It’s been really good, gone really quick” – Dan has relished his move to UK Power Reserve. Immediately before joining, he was working for Viridor on both landfill energy and anaerobic digestion. Dan much prefers working with natural gas. His role has a slightly different focus here; he is based out of our Carrington site, carrying out maintenance, rather than being focused on reactive work to get sites back up and running. Since Dan joined, he’s noticed the business continues to improve, both in its day to day operations and support for staff.

Like the business, Dan is keen on ensuring he has the right skills for the job and continually develops his talents. This drive for improvement is apparent out of work too, where Dan coaches a local football side.

Impressed with the company and efficient nature of the work, Dan “isn’t going anywhere”. He intends to keep developing with us as the business continues to grow.