UK Power Reserve takes its corporate responsibility commitments very seriously, in line with our Vision, Mission and Values. We work closely with our stakeholders to ensure that our projects have minimum impact on the environment and communities nearby. As a company we are supporting a renewable future for the UK by providing important flexibility services to the electricity system which help balance the intermittency of wind and solar generation. As more renewables generation comes online, and as the system becomes increasingly decentralised, our role is becoming more and more important.

We have partnerships with local community groups near our projects and are currently helping the Dacorum Trust and have funded a feasibility study for a community garden near our Stock Lane site. The company is also very committed to a number charities and charitable initiatives, supporting its employees through match funding to undertake varied activities from marathons to major cycling challenges. We have recently also participated in the UK’s ‘Movember’ initiative, raising several thousands of pounds for the cause. For more information, please read our Compliance Policy Statement.



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