Supporting a renewable future


Through our passion for energy, UKPR will expand our operations to become a major energy player. This will be achieved by consistently winning and effectively executing contracts, innovating to find new customers and then exceeding their expectations.


Health and Safety

Our first and foremost priority is our people. Protecting our team, supporting their safety, and ensuring their health, on all sites and in all situations.

Growth that Delivers Value

Increase shareholder value through investing in high growth, high return assets which meet
the aspirations of all our stakeholders including investors, employees and our community.


Since the company’s creation in 2010, we have nurtured and promoted a pioneering spirit – it is part of our DNA. We are leaders. Fearless in our ability to challenge the ‘business as usual’ approach, we are constantly seeking advancing change. Innovation is at our core.


Our team exemplifies the highest standards of honesty, respect, responsibility and reliability. We embrace sincerity and demonstrate integrity in every task, statement and decision. Our actions are consistent with our words and our words are consistent with our intentions.


We are ambitious high performers, with expertise in our respective fields. We are agile and able to respond rapidly to changing internal and external environments without losing momentum or focus.


Sharing core values while representing diverse perspectives has enabled UKPR to succeed. Team work is supported by trust in our colleagues and partners, recognising the strength of individual experience and skillsets and using these qualities in a collaborative way. Through a shared sense of purpose and confidence in each other we foster productive working relationships based on mutual respect.