UK Power Reserve is a market leader with a growing portfolio of flexible electricity assets. We are the UK’s largest independent developer of fast-ramping small-scale gas power plants (693MW in total), the second biggest developer of battery storage (120MW) and a leading player in demand side response (10MW) creating a total portfolio of 823MW. We have around 200MW of 20MW plants in operation and plan to complete our portfolio of 40 power plants in the next few years.

“UK Power Reserve continues to capture UK market share via the capacity mechanism, picking up 120MW of storage capacity. It is a compelling growth story.”

Tim Emrich

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We are in the process of building a 500+MW pipeline of new gas-fired assets which will bring the total number of our power stations to 40. The precise location and details of these assets will be included on our asset map as they become operational.

Power Reserve was awarded 120MW of battery storage in the 2016 Capacity Market Auction making it one of the UK’s biggest developers of battery storage. We will be building this out from 2017.  The award reinforces UK Power Reserve’s leadership in electricity system flexibility services.

We are currently working on delivering 17 new gas fired power stations including:

  1. Stanlow - Cheshire
  2. Mansfield - Nottinghamshire
  3. Oldham - Greater Manchester
  4. Radcliffe - Greater Manchester
  5. Cadishead - Greater Manchester
  6. Sheerness - Kent
  7. Newport C - Newport
  8. Birkenhead - Merseyside
  9. Long Eaton - Derbyshire

Find out more about Nick Horler, Chairman of UK Power Reserve