UK Power Reserve is a market leader with a growing portfolio of flexible electricity assets. We are the UK’s largest independent developer of fast-ramping small-scale gas power plants (893MW in total), the second biggest developer of battery storage (120MW)creating a total portfolio of 1013MW. We have around 500MW of 20MW plants in operation and plan to complete our portfolio of 50 power plants in the next few years.

280MW under development over 14 sites, all due to come online during 2018 and 2019.

“UKPR is a strategic portfolio of highly responsive distributed assets which are located close to demand centres and can react in seconds and ramp to full capacity to support the growth of renewables such as wind and solar and help decarbonise the UK power sector.”

Sam Wither
Head of UKPR

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We are in the process of building rapid-response gas and battery assets to take our operational portfolio over 1GW. This will bring the number of power stations across England and Wales to 50.

UK Power Reserve was awarded 120MW of battery storage in the 2016 Capacity Market Auction making it one of  Europe’s biggest developers of battery storage. We began building the first 60MW in summer 2018 with all 3 sites due to be completed by the end of winter 2018/19.

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